SHAWNTROPICS: Shawn Creeden at Portland Tropical Gardens - thru Apr 30
Monday, April 30, 2018 - 7:00pm
SHAWNTROPICS: Shawn Creeden at Portland Tropical Gardens - thru Apr 30

SHAWNTROPICS is a Graduate Project in Two Acts by Portland State University MFA in Contemporary Studio Practice candidate Shawn Creeden.

Creeden's diverse practice employs installation, sculpture, performance, social engagement and ritual plant care maintenance to foster empathy and nurture relationships with the non-human world. By bringing his tender and tactile private plant care practice into markedly public spaces, Creeden examines ideas of invasiveness and the possibilities of self care and healing within a culture where nearly every aspect and form of life is subject to commodification.

In Act I, Creeden plays the role of Lead Horticultist at Portland Tropical Gardens. Engaging the public through Plant Empathy discussions, tropically relevant programming and commuter friendly open hours, Creeden provides a warm, oxygen-rich environment where one can have a quiet moment, propagate a new friend, and learn the magic required to better understand the ways our photosynthetic friends communicate with us.

In Act II, Creeden summons all of his nurturing powers and performs an intimate act of resurrection and redemption with one of his living sculptures. Part self portrait, part healing practice, part institutional critique, the School of Art and Design's MK Gallery becomes an intensive care unit for the treatment of a severe case of neglect and sacrifice.

Article in the Portland Mercury


February 8th - April 30th
Portland Tropical Gardens at Director Park

815 SW Park Ave
Portland OR

Open Thursday & Fridays, 5-7pm, Sundays 12-2pm


May 14 - 25th
MK Gallery at Portland State University

Art Building, 2nd floor
2000 SW 5th Ave
Portland OR

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Closing Reception: May 24, 2018, 6-9pm

PORTLAND TROPICAL GARDENS (PTG) is an artist-run space that envisions Portland’s first public indoor tropical garden. At PTG, you will find different types of plants that thrive in the dynamic and vast region of the tropics. Located in Director Park in downtown Portland, PTG serves as a hub to educate the public about tropical plant-life and also hosts regular programming related to tropical culture and life. Co-founded by members of the Portland State University School of Art + Design community, Portland Tropical Gardens is an active laboratory that is on an ongoing development cycle. Check back frequently to see all the #newgrowth!

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Shawn Creeden at Portland Tropical Gardens revesseling Her Majesty, 2018