Rural Area Regulation in China
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 12:00pm
Rural Area Regulation in China

The dramatic urbanization in China has suggested a fast conversion of rural land to urban use.  To prevent illegal constructions on rural collectively owned land,  since 2007, Chongqing Municipality has set up specific guidelines to regulate the planning of rural area close by the urban periphery.  Our visiting scholar, Yue Zheng, was closely involved in this process working in the Chongqing Office of CAUPD. In this upcoming China seminar, Yue is going to present the findings from an assessment on the impact of these rural area development regulations.  While recognizing the pros and cons of these planning regulation,  a new type of rural economy, combining the farming activities with recreation use serving urban population, is being promoted in many cities' surrounding rural land.  Can it be a sustainable rural development strategy?  The discussion will be focused on the future of rural development in China.  


Speaker: Yue Zheng is the visiting scholar from China Academy of Urban Planning and Design. 

Location: URBN 220