Research Rounds Presents Dr. Elliott Gall
Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 12:00pm

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
12pm - 1pm
Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU) 294

"Designing healthy buildings for an urbanizing world"

Dr. Elliott Gall, Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Portland and other U.S. cities are experiencing rapid growth, creating challenges that include increased exposure to urban air pollution. Research conducted by Dr. Gall and the PSU Green Building Research Lab (GBRL) demonstrate that much of what we might assume about our exposure to air pollutants does not always hold true. For example, while ozone is typically considered as an “outdoor” air pollutant, most of our exposure to this pollutant actually occurs inside buildings. Results of GBRL research demonstrate that pollutant transport and reaction within built environments, and even chemistry occurring on humans themselves, may dramatically alter the quantity and type of air pollution in our breathing zones. One avenue being investigated in the GBRL for improving indoor air quality is to identify and harness beneficial surface chemistry that may passively reduce levels of harmful air pollutants. Examples of such approaches include vegetated roofs that may “pretreat” outdoor ventilation air or interior building surfaces that clean air once indoors. Research on such low or zero-energy air cleaning approaches is essential to enable future buildings to be healthy while achieving net-zero energy consumption.

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