PSU Kickstart Weekend - Business Accelerator
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 5:00pm

Kick-off your year of entrepreneurship at PSU with a fun, intensive two-day session!

During two evenings and one day, you will work with teams, mentors from the Portland Startup community, PSU faculty, and staff to experience innovation in action and grow and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills.

Friday, April 13th starting at 5pm - Saturday, Apri 14th ending at 10pm.

This is when we move from ideas to action. As a participant, you will form teams, develop potential solutions and present your ideas for a chance to prizes to take your idea to take your idea further. You'll meet with startup and industry leaders to validate ideas, get some coaching and then to iterate your idea based on market research.

Oh, yes, there will be food!

Ticket cost is $25. Tickets can be purchased online now.