Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Spain: Barcelona - Third Year Spanish Language and Culture in Context
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 11:30am
Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Spain: Barcelona - Third Year Spanish Language and Culture in Context




Complete Spanish 301, 302, and 303 in 5 weeks in Barcelona!

Live with host families for an immersion experience!

Go on weekly outings to important cultural centers in the city!




Barcelona (pop. 1.5 million) is Spain’s second-largest city and the capital of Catalonia, and it is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city. Barcelona is considered one of the top study-abroad destinations. 

This course will review and strengthen your understanding and use of major concepts of Spanish grammar including verb tenses, the subjunctive, passive forms, prepositions, and subordination, among other grammatical points. In addition, culture-related readings in Spanish will provide you with opportunities to learn new vocabulary in context and to practice conversation by means of in-class discussions. You will also learn and practice the general guidelines of how to write a composition, including organization and structure, coherence, sentence structure, and word choice. 

This course will also introduce students to the literary, artistic, and historical currents of Catalonia. We will read works by local authors to understand how the city has been a hub of the European and Mediterranean cultures for centuries. Students will learn about national identity and major works from renowned Catalan artists like Dalí, Gaudí, or Miró, spanning architecture, painting, and literature.

The course will introduce students to the contemporary social and cultural trends of Catalonia as they take place mainly in its capital Barcelona. Students will also examine current developments in theatre, art, fashion, gastronomy, urban design, and architecture.

Outside of the classroom, students will live with host families, have the support of on-site English speaking staff, and enjoy guided cultural outings in Barcelona where the practical application of the language and culture learning will take place. 


Join us for this information session to learn more!

When: Tuesday, February 6th, 11:30am-12:00pm

Where: Karl Miller Center (KMC) 610-C


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