Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Japan: Sendai - Learn from Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis
Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 3:00pm
Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Japan: Sendai - Learn from Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis

The Initiatives for Community and Disaster Resilience (ICDR) is an interdisciplinary institute whose focus is on research, educational outreach and community enlightenment. This initiative, created with the collaboration of the Center for Public Service and the Economics Department, aims to serve as an intellectual hub for students, scholars and practitioners to work on issues related to emergency management and preparedness and community resilience from natural disasters.

While many academic and policy research centers for emergency management exist in the U.S., they primarily focus on the ‘hard science’ aspect of natural disasters. In contrast, the ICDR is designed to approach natural disaster- related issues from “soft” social science and policy perspectives.

This course focuses on issues related to emergency/disaster management, disaster preparedness, and community redevelopment and resilience. For that purpose, the main part of this course will be a mandatory trip to visit the disaster-stricken areas in the Tohoku (Northeast) region, Japan where the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami happened in March 2011. Through this field experience, participants will 1) gain in-depth knowledge from academic professionals at Tohoku University in a 3-day session, 2) interact with public officials, nonprofits, and community organizations of Rikuzentakata City and Ishinomaki City, and 3) engage in dialogue with locals to capture the forgotten stories of struggle and hope in the aftermath of the crisis and explore how we can all learn from each other.

Course registration is open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as practitioners and community members. Japanese language proficiency is not required, as the program will be delivered in English (interpreter will be provided at a minimum). In addition, the class will be led by PSU faculty and staff who are fluent in both English and Japanese. 

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When: Thur., Feb. 15th, 3pm

Where: URBN 511