Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Costa Rica: Turrialba - Capstone: People, Culture and the Land
Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 12:00pm
Int'l Faculty-Led Program Info Session: Costa Rica: Turrialba - Capstone: People, Culture and the Land

This capstone provides an opportunity to learn about Costa Rica and immerse yourself in the culture. The course includes an 18 day service-learning experience in the city of Turrialba, Costa Rica. In Turrialba, you will learn through service in a community-based setting such as a school, organic farm or social service agency. Late afternoons will be spent studying Spanish and critically reflecting on social, political, economic and environmental issues in Costa Rica. Educational field trips to other parts of Costa Rica will be scheduled during the weekends.

Students will be at their service-learning sites for about 6 hours each weekday morning during our time in Costa Rica. Service site groups are formed in advance of the trip and generally consist of 2-4 students per site with a strong Spanish speaker in each group. The nature of the service varies from site to site. For example, some students engage in organic farming activities, some students teach English in public school settings, and some students care for children (play/tutoring activities) at a public orphanage. Sites may change slightly from year to year.  Through their interaction with Costa Rican nationals, activities at their service sites, homestays, language lessons, and guest speakers students will be able to:

  • Describe key aspects of Costa Rican culture and history (communication, critical thinking)
  • Explain the historic relationship between the US and Costa Rica (critical thinking, social and ethical responsibility)
  • Discuss and analyze current political, economic, social and environmental trends in Costa Rica (critical thinking, communication)
  • Describe the broad spectrum of human diversity in Costa Rica (diversity, communication)
  • Discuss the ethical dimensions of tourism and service in a cross-cultural setting (social and ethical responsibility)

Check out the program web brochure page, and join us at this info session to learn more!

When: Thursday, February 1, 12pm-1pm

Where: KMC 610-C