Influence of Baul Poetry (singing poetry) on the works of Ginsberg and Bob Dylan.
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 6:00pm

Influence of Baul Poetry (singing poetry) on the works of Ginsberg and Bob Dylan.

Geetanjali Joshi, Fulbright Post-doctoral Fellow, Portland State University



Thursday, February 8th, 2018

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, room 238
1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97201
FREE and Open to the Public


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Description: Visiting Fulbright-Nehru scholar Dr Geetanjali Joshi will give a lecture on the 7th Century Baul tradition of singing  poetry. Joshi will also discuss the influence these singers had on the iconic American poet Allen Ginsberg and, more generally, 1960s US counterculture. Known traditionally to be wandering singers, who write and sing in praise of God, the Baul singers are the mystic minstrels from West Bengal in India who perform poetry of peace and celestial love. Their music transcends man made barriers of class, religion, social-structures and national boundaries. Most of the Bauls are a mix of the tantric-Buddhist tradition. Some are followers of Vedanta and some worship the ‘Nirguna’ (the Formless) manifestation of God. In India, they are deemed ‘mad men’ in pursuit of the divine through music and their way of life. This lecture focuses on the various aspects of the Baul tradition and its influence on the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.




 About the speaker: Dr. Geetanjali Joshi has served as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant on a Fulbright scholarship at Portland State University (PSU), where she taught Hindi to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. While studying at PSU she also worked on her doctoral thesis on Beat writers, which she subsequently completed at Lucknow University in India. Dr. Joshi’s Fulbright-Nehru postdoctoral research places the poetry of Allen Ginsberg in the Indian context, examining the influences of the idea of the “promised land” on the philosophy and performative poetry of Allen Ginsberg. This research contributes to understandings of the works of Allen Ginsberg and the role of Indian spiritualism in the fabric of the major movements of the west in the 21st century. This exploration of the intermingling of east and the west will interest and enrich young American and Indian minds alike, and establish their heritages as more closely connected than previously understood.
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