Fridays@4: Domestic Architecture in the Times of Change: Adjunct Faculty Member Kateryna Malaia
Friday, February 23, 2018 - 4:00pm
Fridays@4: Domestic Architecture in the Times of Change: Adjunct Faculty Member Kateryna Malaia

The final Fridays@4 of the Winter term is presented by PSU School of Architecture adjunct faculty member Kateryna Malaia, who will discuss her research as a Ph.D. candidate in Architecture, Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures program, with minors in Urban Studies and Post-Soviet History, at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Malaia's current research concentrates on the decades before and after the socio-political rupture of the collapse of the USSR. She investigates the role of home in the creation of the post-Soviet condition, and asks how socio-economic and political change transforms both dwellings and public ideas about home. 

How does a dwelling contribute to social change and how does a dwelling transform under the pressure of a social upheaval? Despite the long-term presence of dwellings in the socio-spatial discourse, home is often seen as a secondary space to the production of social change. Unlike urban public spaces, the spatiality and architecture of homes have not received the amount of attention they deserve in the context of this socio-political transformation. In this work, Malaia follows a different view: a revolution starts (and ends) at the “kitchen” and politics are produced and lived at home no less than in public. 

About Fridays@4: Each Friday at 4pm during most of the academic term, PSU School of Architecture students and faculty gather together to hear from professional designers and architects, academics, visiting artists, innovators, and students in the program, with refreshments and updates from faculty and your student leaders. Fridays@4 is a perfect way to wrap up each week of intense creativity in studio, and get inspired for the productive weekend ahead.

We encourage attendees to bring their own beverage cup in order to reduce waste in Shattuck Hall.

Free and open to the public.

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