Department of Physics Seminar Series: Sally Seidel
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 3:15pm

SB1 107, 1025 SW Mill Street
Free and open to the public
Light refreshments will be served


Dr. Sally Seidel
Department of Physics and Astonomy
University of New Mexico
Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer
“A New State of Beauty and Charm”


The ATLAS Collaboration at CERN recently announced the observation of a particle with properties consistent with expectations for an excited state of the Bc meson.  Mesons are subatomic particles composed of one quark and one antiquark. The Bc meson comprises two heavy quarks: beauty (also known as bottom) and charm.  This is the heaviest meson state of two different quark flavors and the first member of the Bc family to be observed above the ground state.  The observation provides opportunities for testing predictions based on QCD, the theory of the strong force, and may contribute to extraction of the strong interaction potential.


About the speaker
Dr. Seidel received her Ph.D. in experimental particle physics from the University of Michigan for a search for nucleon decay using a large underground detector. As a research scientist with the University of Toronto, she participated in the construction of an unusual helical wire chamber for tracking elementary particles. Sally has been a member of the University of New Mexico physics faculty since 1991. As a member of the CDF experiment at Fermilab and later, with the ATLAS experiment at CERN, she co-led the teams that developed pixel sensors able to image particle tracks at scales of a few millionths of a meter. Sensors of this type are critical for detection of the rarest fundamental particles and processes. In 2014 her group discovered a new particle at CERN. Her current research, with ATLAS, is focused on using the heaviest quarks to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. She is also developing technologies for tracking particles in the extreme radiation environments of future particle colliders.



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