Department of Physics Seminar Series: Mohamed Anber
Monday, April 30, 2018 - 3:15pm

SB1 107, 1025 SW Mill Street
Free and open to the public
Light refreshments will be served


Dr. Mohamed Anber
Department of Physics
Lewis & Clark
"Information, dualities, and deconfinement"


Understanding the confinement (binding) of quarks inside the hadrons (e.g., protons and neutrons) is one of the most difficult problems in theoretical physics. This difficulty is attributed to the notoriously complex mathematics of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the theory of the strong nuclear force. The deconfinement (unbinding) of quarks at high enough temperatures, which happens during the early Universe or in terrestrial high energy experiments like the Large Hadron Collider, is also poorly understood for the same reason. Over the past decade, it has been realized that we can overcome the complexity of QCD by compactifing (curling) our world over a circle. In this talk, I review this construction and how it is used to map QCD to a much simpler system. Then, I show that we can exploit dualities (different facets of the same theory) and techniques from information theory in order to study the deconfinement of quarks from a new perspective. Our simulations indicate that information theory provides us with excellent probes to study the deconfinement phenomenon.


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