Will my disability information be kept confidential?

The DRC is guided by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), otherwise known as the Buckley Amendment, in protecting each student’s right to privacy by limiting access to information pertaining to the provision of disability-related services and accommodations.  A separate file is created for each student and it is housed securely in the DRC.  Specific information regarding any student’s diagnosis is not shared without written consent from the student. Exceptions include: if the student tells us they plan to hurt themselves or someone else, if there is a medical emergency and we are present or notified, or if a student engages in legal proceedings against the university. In those cases, we would still only share the pertinent information with those who would have a “need to know”. Your DRC file is shredded five years after the last date of service, and the information does not become part of your permanent records anywhere else on campus.