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Will I get the room I want?

Housing Assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis. This means that your assignment priority is based on the date we receive your completed contract. The earlier you submit your contract, the more likely you are to get the housing you want. Housing contracts are currently available - to be included in the first round of assignments for Fall 2012 and to be GUARANTEED a spot, please complete your contract no later than March 23, 2012.

Housing assignments are also affected by your building and room preferences. For first year students, your choices are to live in Ondine or Broadway. You will be asked to select your preference between the two, and if your first choice can not be accommodated, you will be placed in the default second choice.

For non-first year students or those over 20 years of age, if you choose a very specific room and/or a specific building, the Housing Office will have limited options to assign you the housing you want. You will be limited to select 3 choices, based on the 10 buildings available. If you indicate a preference for a single room and select more than one building, you will increase your chances of getting a single.