Where is the reusable office supply program located and how does it work?

The Reuse Room is an office supply exchange program open to all student groups, faculty, and staff of Portland State University. The Reuse Room is located in Cramer Hall Rm 180. The ReUse Room will be open 10am-4pm, Monday-Thursday and 10am-2pm on Friday.

If you have supplies that should go to the Reuse Room, there are two ways to donate. Your first option is to drop the items off in the ReUse Room. If you'd prefer that the Recycling Crew pick up the materials on their route fill out a work request form for a recycling pickup at http://www.fap.pdx.edu/FF or call 725-4300.

Larger items such as scanners, computer monitors and printers should be donated to the surplus department, even if they don't work. You can place a work request at http://www.fap.pdx.edu/FF concern: "Surplus" or contact the surplus department at 725-4921.