What is a time-based conflict in balancing work and family? Greenhaus, Beutell

There are two forms of time-based conflict

  • time pressures from one role make it impossible to engage in another role
  • time pressures can cause a preoccupation with one role

Work-related sources: # hrs. worked/week; irregularity of shift work; amount of overtime; inflexibility of work schedule; the degree of flexibility permitted and the needs of the employees may jointly affect the prevalence of work-family conflict.

Personality related sources: type A behavior pattern has been associated with work-family conflict – type A personality - employees work the longest hours and travel the most extensively

Family-related sources: marital status; parental status; age of child; size of family; family role characteristics that require a person to spend large amounts of time in family activities can produce work-family conflict… large families produce conflict primarily for women whose husbands are highly involved in their own work careers…. The major responsibility for child rearing may be the significant contributor to work-family conflict. Family role pressures that impinge on women also may be a function of the number of hours that they work outside the home. Women with part-time jobs may be spread very thin and experience role overload. Husbands of managerial/professional women have been found to experience more intense work-family conflict than husbands of nonmanagerial/nonprofessional women. Pressures also may produce a preoccupation with one role even when one is physically attempting to meet the demands of another role.