What kind of jobs do graduates of the Masters of Science Teaching program hold?

Examples of current jobs that our graduates are holding include working with Portland Parks and Recreation City Nature program doing environmental education and service-learning coordination, working with the Portland West -side stewardship program coordinating community efforts to restore, enhance and protect Portland's watersheds and serving as the Intel Northwest Science Expo program director. Others are teaching in K-12 schools such as teaching secondary math, science and sailing at the Antilles School in the US Virgin Islands. Other CSE graduates are currently conducting science education research in a high needs North Portland School, in the new Health and Sciences 6-9th grade options school in Beaverton and in the Westside High School Science Inquiry program in Beaverton. And the author of this handbook is a CSE, MST graduate who previously worked as a service learning program coordinator in Washington and Oregon; a Development Officer and Executive Leadership Council member for a small private K-12 school and currently serves as a program coordinator for teacher education programming at the Center for Science Education.