What is the Health Sciences Advising Committee?

The Health Sciences Advising Committee (HSAC) consists of faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences that will, for qualified students, review the student's file and write a composite letter of recommendation to support the student's application to medical school.

Early in your college career, you should begin distributing instructor evaluation sheets (green sheets) to professors for evaluation of your academic performance and personal characteristics. These sheets are kept on file in the Health Sciences Advising Office and become part of your permanent advising file. The year before you wish to start medical school, you will need to request a review by the HSAC. Your file should contain evaluations from six or more instructors, non-academic letters of recommendation (employers, volunteer coordinators, physicians, etc.), transcripts, personal statement, and MCAT scores (if available). Based on the information on file, HSAC members will rank each student using the following categories:

Recommended: Worthy of admission to medical school; comparable to other students who have been admitted.

Highly Recommended: Comparable to the top 50% of students admitted to medical school.

Outstanding: Comparable to the top 15% of students admitted to medical school.

The individual votes by the committee members will be included on the cover sheet of the letter of recommendation. The body of the letter includes a statement from your adviser, comments from the instructor evaluation sheets, and copies of any outside letters of recommendation.

The HSAC may also vote not to recommend, in which case a committee letter will not be prepared. Should this occur you may request a chair letter instead of a committee letter.

Packet for Students Applying to Medical School (PDF)