What can I bring with me when I move in to University Housing?

Please be mindful of the fact that space is limited, particularly if you are sharing a room with a roommate. The square footage for your unit was included in your assignment notice to give you an idea of the available space. University Housing recommends that you only bring what you need when you initially move in, and send/purchase additional items later if at all possible. Excessive furniture or belongings could be deemed a fire hazard.

Some suggestions for what to bring include:

  • telephone
  • small appliances (mini-fridge, microwave)
  • electric fan, lamps
  • Ethernet cord
  • laundry & cleaning items
  • linens (bed sheets, towels)
  • cookware, cutlery, dishes, etc. (Note: Montgomery residents will need cookware suitable for the induction stovetop)
  • living room/dining room/bedroom furniture (in unfurnished units)