Intramurals Sign-ups: How will I be contacted after I sign up my team or as a free agent?

The information on the receipt that is printed after someone registers for Intramurals has all of the information you’ll need. If that receipt isn’t printing contact the Intramurals Department immediately (im @pdx.edu or 503-725-5647).

  1. If no receipt prints, check our IM website for league specific info. A couple helpful tips though:
    1. There is always a mandatory captains meeting (for ALL team captains) on the second Thursday of the term usually during the afternoon.
    2. The league game schedule is always done and posted on our imleagues.com page by the second Friday of the term and we start IM league play Week 3 of the term.
    3. All IM participants will only be contacted via pdx email accounts.