How does the PEBB Subsidy work with Campus Recreation?

Faculty/Staff Members: as part of your new PEBB benefits, PEBB is providing a $15/month reimbursement of gym memberships when you visit eight times a month.  Here is where Campus Rec can help out:

1. The new PEBB gym subsidy began on October 1, 2013.  Attend an approved gym at least eight times a month and PEBB will subsidize the cost of your gym membership $15.00 per month.  For more information or to join call 1-877-810-2746

2. The Student Rec Center IS an approved facility to receive this benefit. You must be a Rec Center member to be able to track your eight visits! If you are not a member yet, simply log into your banweb account and "Add Rec Center deduction".  Current monthly rates are $30/month.  With the deduction you’ll end up paying only $15/month if you come in eight times.

3. Attached is the form that will need to be by signed by your facility representative (essentially any of our member services staff) and mailed with your record of visits. 

4. Rec Center members can print their visit reports at this link: http://www.pdx.edu/recreation/faqs/how-can-i-check-my-campus-recreation-...

5.  This program is through PEBB and they can answer most of your questions at the number above.  Exercise Rewards (exerciserewards.com) is the outside vendor they have chosen to implement this program. Any policy or program questions should go to those two entities first. Campus Rec is simply an approved facility.

For further questions on accessing the information for your subsidy, please contact Ashley Campbell, Member Services Coordinator at 5-2951 or ashrcamp@pdx.edu