How do I reposition the branding image on my enterprise site's template?

Adjusting the Branding Image

  1. It is assumed that you are logged into your enterprise site, have chosen a template with the option to add a branding image, have selected that branding image, and have saved the page in its current state. 

  2. On the View tab, click the Edit Image Size/Position button in the top left of the image: 

  3. Use the choices in the options menu that opens up to adjust your image: 

    • Zoom In/Zoom Out: Click on these buttons to show more or less of the image. 
    • Max Zoom: Zooms in as far as the program will let you. 
    • Save Changes: Saves the image in the current position and size. 
    • Cancel: Revert the image to how it first appeared, before you made any changes during the current session. 
  4. Along with the menu options, you can also click and drag the image to adjust the relative position. 
  5. Make any desired changes, then click Save Changes

For additional support, email ucomm-support@pdx.edu.