How do I prevent and fix text formatting issues on my Enterprise site?

Other Formatting Issues

Sometimes you are already working with text in the CMS page editor when you notice some of the text doesn’t match the Enterprise CMS text formatting. In that case, you would use the steps below. 

Please note: you do not have to do every step in this list. Just keep going until the issue is resolved. Generally the first step will fix the issue. 

Step 1: Remove Formatting

  1. Highlight the text that needs to be fixed.
  2. Click on the “Remove formatting” button: Tx. This should remove all formatting styles, so you may have to reapply certain formats (e.g. headings) when done.
  3. If this doesn’t fix the issue, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Manually Fix Source Code

This should be your last resort, and only used if you’ve tried the other options as well. If you don’t feel comfortable editing the HTML source code, then email ucomm-support@pdx.edu for additional assistance. 

  1. Click on the "<>Source" button. This opens the source code for the page. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, here’s some quick information on HTML tags.
  2. Look through the code to find unnecessary tags. Things to look for are:
    • Any <span> tags. Generally the start tag will <span style="[...]">, where [...] is text formatting. Be sure to remove the start tag and the end tag </span>.
    • Any <p> tags with text formatting. This looks like <p style="[...]">, where [...] is text formatting. Change these to just say <p>, but leave the </p> alone. 
    • Any lines that are identical to: <p>&nbsp;</p> - that code adds an extra blank paragraph space so can be removed in its entirety. 

Visit the Sample HTML Formatting page to see what standard HTML code looks like in the Enterprise CMS. That page does not display all the tags used, but it does provide details on the primary formatting options.  

Please remember: PSU has specific Brand Identity Guidelines (pdf) and the Enterprise CMS is designed to follow these guidelines. Do not use the HTML source code to make modifications to your text beyond the options available through the formatting bar. 

If you’re not sure what something does, don’t remove it. Try to focus on using the button options available to you in the formatting bar rather than manually editing the source code.  

For additional assistance, email ucomm-support@pdx.edu