How do I make bulleted and numbered lists in the Enterprise CMS?

How to Create Lists

  1. Highlight the text you want to turn into a list. 

  2. Click on the button for the list option you prefer. In the top of the formatting bar, there are two list options: 

    • One has three lines with dots to the left of the lines. This is for a bulleted list.
    • The other has three lines with numbers to the left of the lines. This is for a numbered list.
  3. The list will automatically format your information. Please note: you will not see the buttons/numbers when editing your page. They will be visible when you save your page

  4. Press "Enter" to start a new list item.

  5. Use the tab button on your keyboard to make sub items.

    Things to Remember

    • Lists are an excellent way to break up text and provide a lot of information in a small amount of space. 

    • Do not overload each list item with too much information, use sub items to provide additional details. 

    • Only use numbered lists when your list items need to be in a specific order

    For additional support, email ucomm-support@pdx.edu