How do I login to my Enterprise site?
  1. Open a browser and navigate to your Enterprise site's home page. Example: if you're with the School of Education https://www.pdx.edu/education/

  2. Add the word login to the end of the URL. Example: https://www.pdx.edu/education/login

  3. Press the Enter/Return key to navigate to the new URL.

  4. Enter your Odin Username and Password in PSU Single Sign-On screen. If the PSU Single Sign-on screen does not appear and you go directly to the Dashboard, it simply means that your your Odin credentials are still active from an earlier authentication process.

  5. Click the Login button.

After logging in, you will automatically be taken to the CMS Dashboard. This screen displays the most recent content you have worked with, and gives you the option to navigate to other parts of the CMS using the Administration Menu.

If, instead of seeing the Dashboard, you are taken back to the homepage of the site and the Administration Menu just shows the Home button (hint: it looks like a house), then you do not have content manager access to that site. 

Report login troubles to the UComm web team.