How do I create my own Social Media Links block?

What is the new Social Media Links feature?

The PSU enterprise site system has a new way for you to link to your site's social media accounts that replaces the social media links in the footer. This will also replace all existing custom social media link blocks, which often have out of date icons and which take a request directly to the UComm web team to be updated.

In rolling out this new feature we will have a period of time in which both the old version of social media icons, the Follow Module, and the new version of social media icons, Social Media Links, will be live at the same time. This will allow you to easily transfer URLs from one to the other before we remove the Follow Module from the PSU Enterprise.

About the Social Media Links block

Social Media Links will appear as a block in the sidebar of your site and will be the furthest-down item in the sidebar to ensure that it never interferes with the site navigation or other important promotions.

The block will have a customizable title so you can title it "Follow Us!" or "Follow [Department Name] on These Sites" or any number of variations. Please make it clear to your visitors what the purpose of the links are when you title the block.

The links will each have their own automatically generated icon to match across the PSU Enterprise and will each have their own title you can customize to make it clear what service they are and to distinguish if you have several different accounts from the same service. You can also link to accounts and sites that aren't included in the list of social media services. This also means you can link PSU's official top-level social media sites if you wish.

Creating Social Media Links

Follow these steps to create your Social Media Links:

  1. Login to your site and navigate to the Content page. On that page, click on +Add Content.
  2. On this new page, you have a list of content choices. Choose "Social Media Link". Click on that and you'll have your control panel for your new social media links. All of your Social Media Links will exist in this one place where you can manage them all and order them any way you wish. 
  3. Choose a title (required), some examples are "Follow Us", "Follow [department/school]" or "Connect with Us". The complete the rest of the form. 
  4. Link Text is the text that will appear next to the icon; Link URL will be the URL you use. Please include http:// or https:// in front of the URL. 
  5. Social Media Service is a dropdown option which lists the different social media services that the PSU Enterprise has icons for. If your social media service is not on the list, select "Other" and it will receive a generic icon.
  6. Once done with your first link, you can create another Social Media Link by clicking the button labeled "add another item." 
  7. Once you have two Social Media Links you'll notice that you can drag and drop them to reorder them. This will change their order in the Social Media Links block. 
  8. Once you're finished, click "save" and you'll have a new Social Media Links block in the sidebar.

Editing Social Media Links

If you need to edit these links or add more in the future, you should edit the Social Media Links item you already created; you never want to create additional Social Media Link Blocks. The sidebar is set up to only display one Social Media Link Block at a time to ensure you don't accidentally overwrite the existing links.

To quickly find and edit your Social Media Links, navigate to the Content page, then use the Type dropdown menu to choose Social Media Link. Click on Filter, and you will be able to see your Social Media Link Block. Click on the content title, then click on the edit tab.

If you need to remove a social media link, simply remove the content from the link text and link URL fields. That line will disappear after saving. 

Cleanup and Tweaks

If you have links in the Follow Module, go ahead and transfer those from the form at /admin/config/services/follow to the new Social Media Links content entry form if you want to keep them. After an introductory period the Follow Module will be removed from the PSU Enterprise and the social media links will disappear from the footer of the site.

If you have a custom block with custom social media icons in it, it should be removed. Please email UComm's web support account at ucomm-support@pdx.edu to request to have the old block removed.

If you would like the Social Media Links block to only appear on certain pages of your site, this is a modification that the UComm web team needs to make for you. Please email their support account at ucomm-support@pdx.edu.

This is also where you should request additions to the Social Media Links functionality.