How do I add to or update the navigation menu for my enterprise site?

Add or Update a Single Page's Navigation

  1. Be on the edit tab of the page you want to modify. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says "Menu Settings". If this is a new page, the "Provide a menu link" checkbox will be unchecked. Select the checkbox.
    • Leave the box unchecked if your page is the homepage or you're planning on linking directly to it from within a different page and don't want it included in your site's navigation. 
  3. The "Menu link title" field autofills with your page title. You can manually change it, if desired. 
  4. The Description field lets you add informational text that appears when a visitor hovers over the navigational link. The description should help your visitors decide if they need to visit that page; make it clear and concise.
  5. The Parent item field allows you to choose where in the site’s navigation you want the page to appear. 
    • Choosing <Main menu> as the parent item will place the page along your enterprise site’s top navigation bar.
    • Choosing a different page will nest your page under that one. You can nest a page under an already nested page. When you nest a page, the navigation shows in the left navigational sidebar for the parent page. 
  6. The "Weight" dropdown determines the hierarchy of a menu item. Smaller numbered weights will display above larger number weights (eg. A menu item with a weight of -25 would appear above one with a weight of 20).  

Parent Item Examples 

PSU's Accessibility Site has the following pages with <Main Menu> set as the Parent Item:
  • Laws and Guidelines
  • Universal Design
  • Built Environments
  • Web and Electronic Environments
  • Training
  • Procurement

As such, the navigational links appear along the top menu bar. 

The following pages have the Web and Electronic Environments page set as the parent item:

  • Audio and Visual Media
  • D2l Course Shells
  • Documents and Presentations
  • Forms and Surveys
  • Google Applications
  • Enterprise Web Pages 

As such, those pages appear in a navigational block in the left sidebar when on the Web and Electronic Environments page. 

If one of those items, such as Audio and Visual Media was set as a parent item for another page, then when a visitor is on the Audio and Visual Media page, the other page's navigational link would display below Audio and Visual Media's navigational link in the left sidebar.  


Mass Update the Navigational Menu

Important: Only use these instructions to reorder pages that are already added to your navigational menu (using the above instructions). If your page has not been added to the navigational menu (using the above instructions), then you must first do that prior to following these instructions. 

  1. Be logged into your enterprise site.
  2. Click on Manage Menu in the administrative menu (at the top of the page). 
    • This page will list all the pages currently in your site's navigation. For a page to show on this page, you must have checked "Provide a menu link" on when editing that page. Never use the +Add Link button to add a page to this menu, as it will cause the page to not display correctly in the menu.  
  3. To the left of each menu item is an image of crossed arrows with the descriptive text "Drag to re-order".
  4. When hovering over one of those arrows, your mouse will chance to display a similar image. Once that happens, you can drag the links to reorder them. 
  5. If a link is tabbed in under another link, then the other link is the parent item. 
  6. The links furthest to the left are the ones that will display along the top navigational menu. 
  7. When done reordering the menu, click "Save Configuration".  

For additional assistance, email ucomm-support@pdx.edu