How can I participate in an independent study arrangement in Economics?

Independent Study

How can I participate in an independent study arrangement in Economics?

There are several ways in which you can pursue independent study in the department, depending on the kind of project you're interested in.

EC 401 gives you the chance to pursue a particular topic in depth, probably resulting in a research term paper.

EC 404 allows you to receive academic credit for an internship experience, usually requiring that you do a bit of reading to put your work experience into academic perspective and writing a short paper discussing your practical and academic understanding of economic issues which with you dealt during your internship.

EC 405 lets you create your own course, so that you read widely rather than deeply on a topic. The only limitation is that you cannot duplicate a regular course already on the books. Typical assignments for EC 405 are short papers critiquing and synthesizing your readings.

To register for any of these three independent study options, you should give some thought to the topic that you want to pursue. Then you can approach a faculty member who would be a good choice to supervise you project, due to their field of expertise and/or your comfort with them. The two of you will come to an agreement as to what you'll do, including the number of credits you'll earn and what assignments you'll complete, and the faculty member will fill out a "By Arrangement Form" that will register you for these credits.