Can I major in Asian studies at PSU ?


Portland State University offer the following undergraduate degree options with a focus on Asian studies:

For more information, students should consult directly with the PSU Admissions Office, the academic department offering the degree, and/or their Academic Advisor.

Undergraduate admission and degree requirement inquiries are handled directly through Portland State’s Office of Admissions.

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At the graduate level students can focus their studies on Asia in a wide range of departments while pursuing an M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. degree.

Students should consult directly with their academic advisor or respective academic department for more information.

Master degrees offered at Portland State that have a specific Asia focus include:

Graduate Admissions Procedure
Application to graduate programs at Portland State requires two complete (but different) admissions packets —one from the Office of Admissions and one from the department in which the student is seeking acceptance. To be admitted to Portland State for the purpose of pursuing graduate work, applicants must satisfy minimum university requirements and be accepted by the department in which the graduate work is proposed. More information about applying to a graduate program at PSU can be found on the PSU Admissions - Graduate Programs webpage