SAMP CAMP - Week 3 (Girls Only Camp)
Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 10:00am
SAMP CAMP - Week 3 (Girls Only Camp)

SAMP CAMP - Week 3 (Girls Only Camp)

Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 26
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
PSU Lincoln Hall
$295 | Register Now

For teens (13-18) interested in exploring and expanding their skills
in computer music composition, recording and production, the PSU
Summer SAMP Music Technology Camp is an opportunity to become immersed
in a comprehensive, modern, technology-rich, creativity-based learning
environment, which is not typically accessible during the regular
school year. The SAMP Summer Academy is sponsored by the Portland
State University School of Music and will be hosted in the School of
Music’s Technology suite in Lincoln Hall.

SAMP Computer Music Production: Teens (13-18) learn key music
production concepts and techniques used in commercial music
production, learn how to create/modify sounds, program drum beats and
create loops. Teens will also learn about microphone design and
application, record various instruments using a multi-track digital
audio workstation, explore audio editing techniques, plug-in effects
processing and mixing. The entire process of making digital music is
explored here. Apple Computer workstations, Studio One and  Logic Pro
X and equipment provided. Enrollment limited to 25 students for each