Overview of the Oregon Population Forecast Program
Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 12:00pm to Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 1:30pm
Overview of the Oregon Population Forecast Program
Due to the concern over "urban diseases" in relating to environmental pollution and urban sprawling, in 2014, the New Urbanization policy called for large cities to control their populations. As a result, Shanghai recently published its “Shanghai 2040” strategic plan, which capped the city’s population at 25 million by 2040. Beijing was also determined to rein-in its population growth and capped its size to 23 million by 2020. It seems that establishing a cap is the only way to manage urban diseases from deteriorating. Have cities in other political economies ever tried to control population growth?  In this coming China/International seminar, we invited Nicholas Chun, who is the Population Forecast Program Coordinator at PSU's Population Research Center, to talk about how population forecast is conducted in Oregon. 



Existing challenges, both within planning an applied demography, obfuscate the role population forecasts play in urban planning. Inaccurate data, inconsistent methodologies, the timing of forecasts, and planning policies can impact the usefulness of a population forecast. The Oregon Population Forecast Program (OPFP) addresses these challenges by producing regularly updated, coordinated population forecasts for Oregon areas to assist them with their long-term planning strategies. In an effort to streamline and standardize the land use decision process, OPFP works with Oregon cities and counties to make data-driven decisions to plan for future population change.

About the Speaker:

Nick Chun grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Oregon after high school to attend the University of Portland. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology, Chun pursued a Master of Urban Studies at Portland State University. Chun’s research interests focus on growth management and land use. As a graduate assistant, he worked on a variety of school district forecast projects, concentrating on GIS analysis and data science. In 2017, Chun took over as manager of the Oregon Population Forecast Program. 

Location: URBN 220