Jumpstart: Faculty Academic Writing Group
Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 9:00am

Topics this week: Managing feedback: Revise-resubmit & peer writing feedback with Micki Caskey and Julie Reeder

Demystify the language of the academic writing culture and join the conversation. Academic writing has its own set of tacit rules and hidden expectations. Faculty members are never taught these rules and yet understanding them is essential on the path to publication. This set of workshops will focus on the strategies designed to translate the “language of the academic writing culture”, to guide you toward establishing a satisfying writing practice and a prolific publication profile. The goals are to practice some well-researched academic writing strategies to build your own writing practice, and to have a submitted article or book proposal by June 2018.

The strategies lead to:
• Knowing the habits of successful academic writers;
• Analyzing the unique language of academic writing;
• Increasing productivity and confidence through strategic action.

Note: The date for application is now closed.


Location: Large Conference Room
Office of Academic Innovation
Smith Memorial Student Union M209