Jumpstart Academic Writing Workshop: Balancing Teaching and Academic Writing
Monday, November 4, 2019 - 12:00pm

Optimize your efforts as a teacher and a writer. We all struggle with allocating time for our writing while keeping up with an intense teaching schedule.  In this hour-long, hands-on workshop, learn five key strategies for managing your teaching expectations while maintaining a consistent writing schedule that leads to greater productivity. This Workshop is offered twice this week, on November 4th and November 7th.

What is the Jumpstart Academic Writing Program?

What's on your scholarly writing to-do list this year?  Are you working on an article, book proposal, grant, or all of the above? Are you thinking about how you will squeeze writing and publishing into your already full calendar?  Did you know that PSU has resources for faculty to support productive, satisfying academic writing practices?

You don't have to go it alone.  The Jumpstart Program - a faculty academic writing program - is here for you. Join our community of faculty writers, explore the research-based strategies that underlie successful academic writing practices, and gain a support system along the way. You'll have the chance to explore topics like successful writing strategies for publication, balancing teaching and your academic writing, overcoming writing block, sustaining your writing momentum, and more.  

Faculty feedback about the program:

 "When I came to PSU, I wondered how I was going to maintain teaching, service and scholarship loads.  It seemed that the writing was taking forever.  I am so grateful for the support from this program.  I’ve met many new colleagues and learned a lot."


The strategies lead to:

• Knowing the habits of successful academic writers;

• Analyzing the unique language of academic writing;

• Increasing productivity and confidence through strategic action.

Drop-in welcome


Janelle Voegele has a doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Postsecondary, Adult and Continuing Education. She has over twenty years experience in postsecondary education, and has taught in a wide range of classroom, community-based and online environments - large and small, introductory and advanced level. She has won two student-nominated teaching awards while at PSU, and has presented widely on engaging students in deep and sustained learning. Her current research includes pedagogical assumptions and student learning experiences in partially online courses, the role of academic portfolios in faculty scholarship and professional development, and perceptions of scholarship in the context of institutional change.

Dannelle D. Stevens is a professor emerita, faculty in residence for academic writing and previously professor in the Department of Curriculum and instruction, at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. She received her degree in educational psychology from Michigan State. She has authored numerous journal articles. Through research and working with national and international faculty on the complex tasks associated with balancing teaching, writing and publishing, she developed and refined the key ideas in her fifth book, published this year, Write more, publish more, stress less! Five key principles for a creative and sustainable scholarly practice. She conducts workshops and coaching to faculty and universities on writing and career-related choices that lead to a successful career in academe.