Jason Dolor - PhD in Mathematics Education Dissertation Defense
Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 1:00pm

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education
Dissertation Defense

Jason Dolor

Investigating Teachers’ Knowledge of Probability in Hypothesis Testing

MS, Portland State University, 2004
BS, University of Portland, 2001

Defense date:  Thursday, July 27th, 2017
Time:              1:00PM
Location:        Neuberger Hall room 373
                      724 SW Harrison Street, Portland

Committee chair:         Jennifer Noll, PhD
Committee members:  J Michael Shaughnessy, PhD
                                  Steven Boyce, PhD
                                  Robert Fountain, PhD
                                  Swapna Mukhopadhyay, PhD

The last few decades have shown a significant growth in the number of undergraduate students taking introductory statistics. As a result, there has been a need by universities and community colleges to find well-qualified teachers and graduate teaching assistants to teach the growing number of statistics courses now being offered. Unfortunately, research has shown that even teachers of statistics struggle with their own understanding of the concepts that they are employed to teach. The data presented in this research sheds light on graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and community college instructors (CCIs) understanding of probability in the context of hypothesis testing that could inform professional development programs to better support present and future teachers of statistics.