5th Annual PSU School of Film Student Essay Awards - Due May 13
Monday, May 13, 2019 - 5:00pm
5th Annual PSU School of Film Student Essay Awards - Due May 13

Submit your best film scholarship essay to the annual student essay awards competition.

A prestigious team of faculty will evaluate submissions to determine the best film studies essay of the year. To be eligible, essays must be written by a current film major or minor while a student at PSU.  Close-reading, analysis essays as well as research essays of any length will be considered. Winning entries are made into video essays and screened at the end of term School of Film Student Showcase and Awards event. Prizes for the award winners will also be given at this event on Friday June 7th.

In addition to the recognition the award gives to winners amongst peers and faculty, this is an excellent opportunity to build up your CV for students considering graduate school!

Submissions must be made prior to 5 PM on Monday, May 13th via email attachment to Dr. Kristin Lené Hole (

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we can only accept one entry from each student.

When submitting your essay please indicate in your email what quarter and class it was written for, including the name of the instructor or professor of the course.

Please format your essay as either a pdf or Microsoft Word document with your name and heading removed in the document. If you have the original assignment prompt for the essay, please include that as well.

Submissions may also include video essays made for any film studies class; videos made for production classes will not be considered. If you are submitting a video essay, please upload it to Google Drive and share the folder with Prof. Hole.