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Winter 2017 Term Prize: The Section Drawing
Winter 2017 Term Prize: The Section Drawing

We congratulate the recipients of the School of Architecture Winter 2017 Term Prize, who were honored at a ceremony on March 22, 2017 in Shattuck Hall Annex. The Term Prize is intended to encourage and celebrate the creation of exquisite drawings, models and artifacts at all levels across the school, with a different mode of expression each term. In Winter term we focused on the section drawing, encouraging architecture students from freshmen to graduate students in studio classes to consider and experiment with the many methods and materials that can be used to these expressive drawings.

Dozens of exceptional section drawings were nominated by our faculty members during final reviews in March 2017. One drawing in each studio level was selected, in addition to a Supreme Prize winner, chosen from the pool of honored drawings. 

The Winter 2017 Term Prize Recipients

Carlie Donnelly
Visual Communication 1 (ARCH 120)


John Holt
Visual Communication 2 (ARCH 121) 


Jocelyn Reynolds
Design Fundamentals 2 (ARCH 281)


Michael Paxton
Architectural Design Studio 2 (ARCH 381)


Tomasz Low
Architectural Design Studio 5 (ARCH 481)


Bijeta Choudhury
Architectural Design Transition Studio 3 (ARCH 572)


Sophia Alberts-Willis, Jason Paglia, and Rachel Sairio
Architectural Design Studio 8 (ARCH 581)


Willy Chandler
Design Development Studio (ARCH 584)
Supreme Prize