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The Trauma Informed Care and Recovery Services Project
The Trauma Informed Care and Recovery Services Project

The Trauma Informed Care and Recovery Services Project, a research and demonstration project at RRI, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, and the City of Portland, has recently received an additional grant from the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon. The grant will help parents whose lives are affected by past trauma to improve parenting skills and safeguard their children.

The program, which builds on work already underway in Multnomah County, centers on a group-based psycho-educational intervention for women who have experienced trauma and who report mental health or/or substance abuse challenges.  The intervention assists parents to understand and manage their own stress, affect and behavior, to see how prior events may be related to current circumstances, and to make safer, healthier choices in relationships.  Case management is included for all participants to integrate group work with resident services at the housing sites and to link children and parents with needed community-based services and supports.

In addition to direct services to families, the project will bring partners in housing and related service systems together for training, information sharing, joint problem solving, and strategic planning. The goal is to create a fully trauma-informed housing system in which policies and practices have been aligned to more effectively promote the long-term stability and safety of all residents.

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