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Shelly Field
Shelly Field

Role: Training Specialist, Child Welfare Partnership, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: B.S., in Psychology, minor in Anthropology from Oregon State University

Experience: Shelly worked for child welfare for 14 years before coming to Portland State. She started out as a caseworker in a permanency unit for young children and ended my career at Department of Human Services after being a supervisor for 6 years. Prior to working for child welfare, she worked in children’s mental health residential treatment and adolescent drug and alcohol residential treatment.

Teaching/Training Areas: Currently, Shelly is a full time Child Welfare Partnership CORE trainer. She is responsible for assisting to train new caseworkers before they begin carrying a caseload. Her emphasis is on working cases with permanency in mind, whether that is maintaining children safely at home, returning children safely home, or implementing another permanent plan for children.

Interests: Shelly is an avid reader and love to take dance classes of any kind and only recently started running and will participate in her first 5k in the summer of 2013.

Contact Info:; (503)315-4274