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Riley Meinershagen
Riley Meinershagen

Riley Meinershagen received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis and Clark College in 2008 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Physics.  After graduation, Riley worked as an Art Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs, an Activity Leader for an after school program, and a Home Energy Technician.  

Riley is working on an MST with the intention of teaching Elementary Education.  Currently, Riley is volunteering with the Watershed Education Program in Lake Oswego through the Friends of Tryon Creek. Riley's interests in education and research include the communication of fundamental concepts and processes found in science topics and their relevancy to the everyday life of a child.  Riley also believes very seriously in having fun.  
"Any scientist who can't explain what they are doing to a nine year-old is a charlatan."  -Kurt Vonnegut