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Past Commencement Speaker: Ahmed Bohliqa
Past Commencement Speaker: Ahmed Bohliqa

Ahmed Bohliqa is an international student from Alhasa, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Bohliqa started his career at PSU taking English classes in the Intensive English Language Program in winter 2006. Today, he is graduating with a bachelor's degree in computer science and a minor in community development.

Mr. Bohliqa's dream is to be a social entrepreneur. He wants to someday start a business that focuses on philanthropic goals. He is also interested in technology and business management. Currently, he is looking for a job and also planning to continue his education.

While a student at Portland State University, Mr. Bohliqa has held numerous leadership positions. He was the first international student to be a coordinator for the PSU Student Ambassador Program and is currently a coordinator for the Organization of International Students. His hobbies include photography, graphic design, discovering new places, and making new friends. He also enjoys sports like pool, cycling, and tennis, and is planning to achieve his new record of cycling 25 miles.