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Michael Flower
Michael Flower

Michael Flower is a developmental and molecular biologist whose interests turned from the laboratory study of embryos and genes to the ways in which these scientific objects of inquiry have come to be the objects of political battle, economic interest, legal wrangling, and moral dispute. After completion of a National Institutes of Health-supported study of embryonic limb development many years ago, Michael spent a year studying political and moral philosophy at The Hasting Center in 1974-7975, followed by three years at the Salk Institute and four years in the Science, Technology and Public Affairs program at UC San Diego where he joined Clifford Grobstein and John Mendeloff in carrying out one of the first studies of the public policy consequences of the then-emerging techniques of in vitro fertilization and genetic engineering. Michael has spent more than twenty-five years bringing the complex politicoscientific imbroglios that are produced by such research into discussions of science education reform.

Michael has been a part of University Studies since its inception and now serves as Freshman Inquiry Coordinator. He has taught Freshman Inquiry, Sophomore Inquiry and also has taught two Upper Division Cluster Courses, Biopolitics and Science: Power-Knowledge.

Michael Flower
Professor Emeritus
office: 117 Cramer Hall, University Studies
phone: (503) 725-5890
fax: (503) 725-5977