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Meet Tayler Kersey-Edwards
Meet Tayler Kersey-Edwards

I was originally born in Neuendettlesau, Germany because my dad was in the military. I moved back to Oregon at a young age and have lived in Sandy, Oregon ever since.

Previous high school or college:
I previously went to Sandy High School and then Mt. Hood Community College. I then came to PSU for computer science and decided it was not for me. I went back to MHCC and now i'm back at PSU. (I have been all over the place)

My major now is Marketing

Why did you choose your major?
I chose this major because I work in a job that does databasing and it intrigued me how marketers use data to understand consumer behavior and use the data to market a product to them.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at PSU?
PSU was the closest to my home.

What are you most excited to learn or accomplish here?
I am really excited to get more involved this year since I have never really got involved before. I am also excited to get the degree!

Could you tell us a bit about a strength, skill, or talent you have?
I would say a skill I have is freelance social media marketing and photography. This year alone I have worked with over 20 companies to promote their products through social media.

What is something others might be surprised to learn about you?
I have a following of 17,700 on Instagram (@TaylerSteven) for the photos that I take and the traveling I do/adventures that I go on.