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Meet Professor Jennifer Perlmutter - French
Meet Professor Jennifer Perlmutter - French

Jennifer Perlmutter (2002) Ph.D.
Professor of French. Ph.D. 2001
Duke University

Dr. Perlmutter received her Ph.D. in seventeenth-century French literature from Duke University and her B.A. in French and Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley. She specializes in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature as well as in French language and culture.

Her research projects have explored the marginalizing impact of power on nationhood and individual identity. In particular, Dr. Perlmutter has published on the novella in the once widely-read journal Le Mercure galant and on the ‘ana,’ a little-known commemorative genre. Currently, she is working on a book-length manuscript that explores questions of knowledge, power and identity through the depiction of Jewish characters in fiction. She teaches courses in French literature, language and culture

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Phone: 503-725-8783