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Meet Professor Emeritus David Ervin
Meet Professor Emeritus David Ervin

Dr. Ervin's research focuses on the valuation of ecosystem services and developing novel institutions to assure the values enter private and public decision making on environmental management. He received his M.S. from The Ohio State University and his Ph.D from Oregon State University in environmental and resource economics. His recent research has focused on the common pool resource challenge of managing herbicide resistance and developing guiding principles for ecosystem service valuation in the Federal Government. Selected recent professional activities include:

·  Chair, National Academy of Sciences National Research Council Committee "The Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States (2008-2010)

·  Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) project “Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions” (2010-14)

·  Co-Chair, Council on Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics Project “Valuation of Ecosystem Services Available from Farms and Forests,” U.S. Department of Agriculture (2015-2016)

Dr. Ervin speaks to local, national and international audiences on ecosystem service management issues, business sustainability and genetically engineered crop issues.


Contact:, 503-725-3935