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Meet Professor Ann Fullerton
Meet Professor Ann Fullerton

Dr. Fullerton's focus within special education is in helping adolescents gain the self-knowledge, life skills, and self-determination needed for the transition to adulthood. She teaches across several areas in special education including literacy, assessment, and collaboration. She states, " It is a delight and privilege to work with students of many ages and backgrounds who are becoming talented and passionate teachers. I am very proud of the innovative teacher education programs we have developed because they provide the preparation needed to teach in today's schools." In the undergraduate course "Careers in Special Education" she shares with students the many career paths possible for teachers in special education.

Another of her passions is the PSU senior capstone course "Learning From and About Persons with Significant Disabilities" in which undergraduates learn about persons with significant autism, physical or cognitive challenges while serving as student counselors in a camp program for two weeks. Students learn valuable lessons about human diversity and themselves through this experiential service-focused course.

Fullerton joined the faculty in special education at PSU in 1990 and is currently director of research. Through this role, she is helping faculty further their research endeavors on behalf of children, clients, and the community.

Ann Fullerton, PhD
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