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Meet Peer Advisor Ivónn Flores-Herrera
Meet Peer Advisor Ivónn Flores-Herrera

Ivónn Flores-Herrera studied abroad in Fall 2018 in Sevilla, Spain through PSU's approved partner CIEE.  Ivónn is a bilingual student, double majoring in Spanish and Environmental Science. Ivónn is excited to work hand-in-hand with you as you pursue your own international experience.

She loves to spend her free time either reading, watching K-dramas, hiking or spending time with her family. Ivónn's family is from Mexico and she looks forward to catching up with her family again after being abroad. 

Ivónn encourages other PSU students to consider studying abroad since its not only a great opportunity academically, but also a way for you to grow mentally and emotionally.  Study abroad also has a way of helping you go outside of your comfort zone, which is a great thing to experience in young adult years. Ivónn also suggests that you study abroad now because she's been told it gets harder to go abroad once you've graduted. She suggests that all students take the chance to study abroad! 

Ivónn Flores-Herrera
Education Abroad Peer Advisor
KMC 608

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