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Meet Peer Advisor Ashley Bond
Meet Peer Advisor Ashley Bond

As an International Studies major, Ashley admires all the opportunities that study abroad and the world has to offer. She is eager to learn from new people and cultures and looks forward to helping you realize your travel and study abroad goals.

During the 2019 summer term, Ashley studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, through ALBA, one of PSU's approved study abroad programs. She wants other students to know that by opening yourself up to new experiences and travel, that you will have incredible educational and personal growth and you will meet people who will change your life. Her recommendation while abroad is to get lost in the city and interact with locals, but also wants you to know that it's okay to need a break and spend your day doing something familiar.

Ashley believes that every step that you take towards your personal growth and experiences, increases your ability to make a change in the world. "Make this world a better place because you are in it" - Ed Romero


Ashley Bond
Education Abroad Peer Advisor
KMC 608

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