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Meet Jordan Jordan
Meet Jordan Jordan

Jordan Jordan is a graduating senior in Urban Planning from Ridgefield, Washington, whose interest lies in historic preservation and adaptive reuse of historic structures. He’s completing his thesis on gentrification and displacement in the Boise neighborhood in North Portland.

Jordan's Story

“I’m a first generation college student. I’m a bit older than a lot of people in the Honors program, I would expect. I struggled in high school. I didn't feel challenged or engaged on any level, and, owing largely to that, didn't believe I belonged in college when I was younger. The traditional classroom pedagogy never really appealed to me. I’m not really into one-size-fits-all education. So taking part in the intimate, small-scale discussion format of Honors was really, really great for me. Not only do you get that personal attention and interaction, but you’re part of a learning community. You come to class every day knowing that you’re accountable to your colleagues to contribute. And that’s the sort of challenge that people like me, who are critical of traditional classroom formats, really respond to. I certainly feel as though being part of the program gives me a leg up for grad school applications. It fosters intellectual development in a real sense. You’re challenged to synthesize a lot of difficult concepts, but everyone succeeds because it’s really a group effort. Honors was a challenge that I wanted to take on, and it’s been everything that I hoped for.”