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Meet Haley Holmes, Career & Academic Advisor
Meet Haley Holmes, Career & Academic Advisor

Haley has been with the School of Business since 2006. Her friendly attitude and thoughtfulness help students quickly feel at ease. In addition to advising students, Haley also manages the student employees in the Undergraduate Career & Academic Services Office. Read more about Haley...

What brought you to PSU and how long have you been a SBA advisor?

I came to PSU after seeing an advisor position for a business advisor. After meeting the staff and finding out about PSU's mission I knew this was a perfect fit for me. I've been advising at PSU since January 2006.

Where did you attend college and what did you study?

I double-majored in Psychology and Business Administration: Management with an emphasis in Human Resource, and a M.A. in Education Administration: Adult & Higher Education with a focus in student services. I received both degrees from The University of South Dakota.

What's your favorite thing about PSU's School of Business?

The students! I love the diversity of the students. I love that all students are at different places in their lives and no matter what challenges they face they are determined to get a degree and I get to help them accomplish that.

What’s your best advice for students to make the most of their SBA student experience?

It may sound biased, but students should definitely meet with and get to know their advisor. We are passionate about helping students navigate through to eventually complete this large professional and life goal. I would also recommend students to get to know their professors, especially in their field of study. Professors can be great mentors and give professional advice that can't be found elsewhere.

What should students expect in an advising appointment and how should they prepare?

The advising appointment is going to be about what you would like to talk about. Each appointment is different based on the student's needs at the time. We can talk about classes, course planning, graduation, life, kids, dogs, anything. I like to get to know my students. I'm also a huge planning nerd so I love doing course plans and figuring out ways to maximize a student's time while they are here.

What do you like to do when you’re not advising students?

I love traveling, playing Plants vs. Zombies and spending time with my husband, daughters and four dachshunds.


Make an appointment with your academic advisor at least once every other term. You will need to reserve a time a few weeks in advance. Be sure you are on track to graduate and learn about academic opportunities you may not have considered. Students who meet regularly with advisors are more likely to graduate on time and avoid problems with course availability.

Stop by the Undergraduate Programs Office at Room 240 or call 503-725-3712 to make an appointment.

Do you just have one or two specific questions about your course plans? Click here to learn about express advising.