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Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Alexandra Josfan
Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Alexandra Josfan
Alexandra is an undergraduate Biology student with a minor in French. She is a transfer student at PSU after completing two years abroad-- first in Pau, France studying French, then in Valencia, Spain completing STEM coursework. After graduation, Alexandra plans to continue her education in Naturopathic medicine in Toulouse, France.

During her time abroad, Alexandra grew to have a great appreciation for the cultures in which she was living. She became committed to the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to go abroad as well, as the lessons one learns abroad can only be learned through living them. She believes that going abroad is a unique experience for personal growth and international networking.

Before going to Pau, Alexandra knew only the basics of the French language; while she was abroad, she was able to use her French language skills every day in her language intensive program. She is now an advanced French speaker. In Valencia, Alexandra was able to develop conversational Spanish language skills by interacting with locals on a regular basis.  These language skills have become an invaluable part of Alexandra's daily life. The program in Valencia also helped her to advance in her Biology major through small courses taught in English. In her two years abroad, she traveled to many countries and cities across three continents, making lifelong connections with people of all backgrounds.

For the remainder of her time at PSU, Alexandra hopes to aide students from all majors and disciplines in finding the right abroad programs for them so that they too can experience the life-changing adventure of living abroad.