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Meet Director Ruth Falco
Meet Director Ruth Falco

Ruth Falco, PhD, is a professor emeritus in the College of Education and directs the Center on Inclusive and Effective Educational Practices (RCIEP). The RCIEP supports faculty in the Special Education Department and other programs of the College of Education to develop externally funded research to identify and apply inclusive and effective practices for educating children with special needs. She also conducts research and develops curriculum focusing on effective teaching strategies for children with disabilities, including autism and other significant disabilities. Collaboration among professionals and families to support self-determination and inclusion for children with disabilities provides another major focus for her research and teaching. More than 40 families over the last eight years collaborated with teams of her graduate students to carry out projects to support inclusion and self-determination for their children.

Dr. Falco's background includes 15 years as a teacher and administrator for programs serving children with significant disabilities and their families. Her experience also includes consultation to families and to professionals around issues of inclusion and effective instruction. She came to Portland State University in 1986 and has directed several programs preparing teachers for children and youth with significant disabilities and for early intervention/early childhood special education. In addition, she conducts research and develops curriculum focusing on effective teaching strategies for young children with autism and other significant disabilities.

Dr. Falco retired from her tenured position in 2003. However, she continues working half-time, developing innovative personnel preparation and research projects to benefit children and youth with disabilities.

Ruth Falco, PhD
Portland State University
College of Education
Special Education Department
PO Box 751
1900 SW 4th Avenue
Room UTS 303 (Unitus Building)
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Phone: 503-725-4486
Fax: 503-725-5599

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